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    Understanding the Different Types of Hats and How to Wear Them

    Selling hats with your logo on them can be a great way of spreading awareness. It helps that headwear can come in all shapes and sizes. Just about everyone has at least one kind of hat that they enjoy wearing.

    The appeal of that variety means that businesses have to think about what kinds they believe their own customers would like. To help with this decision process, we put together a guide to the different types of hats. Check it out for yourself below.

    Types of Hats

    Custom Embroidered Beanies

    1. Beanies

    Come with quite a few benefits, which is likely why they endure in popularity. They can be comfortable, they can be stylish, and they can be both at once while helping you keep warm. Beanies also project upward from the scalp, which gives entrepreneurs and designers more space to add custom embroidery with text, images, or logos.

    Custom Embroidered Snapbacks

    2. Snapback Hats

    The snapback was the height of urban/streetwear fashion in the ‘90s and early ‘10s, and many people still find them hip. The earliest versions of snapbacks can be traced all the way back to the late 1800s in the baseball field. This high-profile variant of the baseball cap is noted for its flat brim and named for its adjustable closure, which has studs that “snap” into holes. It fits on any head, making it perfect for businesses with a broad range of customers.

    Custom Embroidered Visors & Baseball Caps

    Custom hats and caps can be used in all kinds of environments, including the sporting field and the arena.

    3. Golf and tennis hats

    These keep sunlight out of your view and rest comfortably on your head, even in moments of intense activity.

    4. Baseball caps

    The baseball caps are popular, as are visors, which keep the brim but remove the top.

    5. Bucket hats

    These are held in place by neck loops, are also on the rise in the fashion industry. Bucket hats are great for keeping the sun off of your neck and out of your eyes. while you're enjoying the great outdoors

    Custom Embroidered Casual Hats

    6. Athleisure

    In the flipside of the snapbacks, golf hats and the other styles mentioned above, fitness clothing is no longer limited to athletic activity. The “athleisure” trend brings yoga pants, sports bras, and sneakers into casual fashion. This even applies to headgear. Your customers can take the types of hats they would normally use to block the sun on the field and incorporate them into everyday wear. Custom hats are the perfect thing to get you and your business trending!

    Custom Embroidered Trucker Hats

    7. Trucker hats

    These type of hats have a long tradition of featuring logos: they started out as promotional giveaways in the 1960s to truck drivers, farmers, and workingmen. More recently, they have come into vogue among the youth, adorning the heads of actors, models, and influencers. That means it would be completely normal for businesses to sell or run promotions with custom embroidered trucker hats. Like snapbacks, trucker hats have the baseball cap design, but the back half is mesh, for vented breathability, and the front half is usually foam for structure.

    Custom Embroidered Hi-Vis Safety Caps

    8. Hi-Vis Safety Caps

    Even hats with a specific visual purpose can bear your business’s logo, as long as they do not completely distract from that purpose. Safety/hi-vis caps often come in bright orange and glaring yellow. Outdoor workers wear them to alert drivers of their presence where they are easily seen at night when visibility is limited or in poor weather conditions. Of course, that functionality can be accompanied by comfortable materials and, if you want, your own insignia.

    Custom Embroidered Hats & Caps for Your Business

    If custom hats comprise your entire business model or serve as fun merchandise for your business or customers, LogoUp can help you produce and offer them. Our inventory includes many different types of hats, all of them are high-quality and good-looking. Best of all, these custom embroidery hats are blank slates that you can personalize as you please. Think about what your key demographics might like to wear, then reach out to us today.

    Keep your new favorite hat looking brand new. Check out our guide on how to properly clean hats


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