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    How Custom Embroidered Apparel Can Promote Your Business
    No matter what products, services or solutions your business offer, it is essential to get the word out and show your potential audience that it exists. And it is all possible with custom embroidered apparels.

    Yes, custom embroidered apparels work as an extremely powerful tool to promote your business. Adding custom embroidery to your business' apparel gives you a great opportunity to interact with your consumers & leave an unforgettable impact on them.

    Not only this, it will also encourage your consumers to perform actions in terms of buying, giving a feedback or promoting the name of your business, etc.

    From men's & women's apparel, Polo t-shirts, outwears, trade show apparel, hats to bags, you can use custom embroidery to advertise your business from anywhere.

    Moreover, we at LogoUp can help you with your any type of custom embroidered apparel needs. Here's how we can help you:


    Are you excited about your company, because we are! From hats, polos, and T-shirts, to hundreds of our custom promotional items— let YOUR logo stand out in a crowd of hundreds.

    We want to help you, help yourself. How, you mayTradeshows ask? That is a great ask? That is a great question, and one that can only be explained in a word we value wholeheartedly: Promotion. Our company knows how to advertise your brand with our customized promotional products and personalized logos.

    At your next tradeshow, we want you to let us prove it. From our customized promotional products like our Stainless Steel Helix Tumbler, or our fun “Hit Me” Football Stress Reliever; our company has your back on picking the best gift that keeps on giving.

    Men’s Apparel

    Our custom men’s apparel is tailored for every workplace occasion. With years of experience collaborating with top clothing brands, custom embroidered menswear for all occasions is our specialty.

    We want your employees to shine while wearing the company’s logo and that is why we go the extra mile in making sure that our clothing brands are something we like to wear for ourselves.

    Our custom embroidered men’s apparel will not let you down.

    We put care and style into our craft because we want you to shine at your next business meeting. Workplace clothes can seem mundane because it follows a pattern of professional politeness that makes it easy to fall prey to routine. Not anymore.
    Give your employees, or treat yourself, to any of our custom women's apparel. Your logo is something to be proud of, and we have the brands and expertise to help you bring energy and pride to the workplace monotony.

    Let us prove it to you with your timeless logos on our custom women’s apparel.

    Polo Shirts

    Polo shirts are the classic business look that bring a sense of formality and fun to the green and the workplace. Comfortable, iconic, and fashionable— custom logo'd embroidery polos are must-haves for any employer’s casual Friday, or hard-to-wakeup Monday.

    Let us customize and embroider something fun for the whole office, because what is better than having this timeless style be a representative of your timeless business? Our embroidered polo shirts will cover you every day of the week.
    Button Downs

    Classy and timelessly, The button-down has stood the test of time and we know what your business is missing around the office and board meetings: Your logo!

    Classy and With our custom embroidered button-down shirts, we know that your logo will make it stand out from the rest of the corporate uniforms because it adds your personal touch. We believe in your business.

    Button Down Dress Shirts customized with your logo will set your company apart from the rest!


    We may be based in South Florida, but we can still meet your cold-weather needs with our custom jackets, embroidered sweatshirts, and custom zippered hoodies.

    Whether it is giving your employees a little something extra during the summer or spring, or watching them buddle up in one of our custom embroidered heavy or light-weight jackets during the fall and winter—we have got you covered. Literally! You do not have to compromise your fashion because of poor weather.

    Grab something for all seasons and get your custom embroidered outerwear, today!


    Every company needs a break from the formal uniform, and what better way than a custom logo t-shirt for the entire team or office? Help your group make a statement where button-downs and polos cannot, because what is more likely to do the talking after 5:00 pm?

    A boring, brand-less t-shirt, or a custom embroidered t-shirt? When you are at your next tradeshow, company picnic, or company bonding event-- you do not want to be overheated when advertising your brand.

    When you design a custom logo t-shirt, you get to make the rules! Our custom t-shirts are fun and fresh and make a statement that your team is in-style, even from the outfield.

    From ball caps to beanies, we have a variety of different ways to appease your trendiest employee or client with our custom-logo embroidered headwear. Beyond useful in the South Florida weather, we love to sell you the brands that we use for our own employees.

    Keeping their preferences in mind when choosing brand names that are the perfect fit for your personalized printed hats and custom embroidered caps, we understand how important quality is.

    Our embroidered caps and hats are personally created to help you get through any season.


    Bags will never go out-of-style. Our custom logo embroidered bags are the perfect way to show that employee, client, or spouse that you have their needs in mind when you design a custom bag for them. And what a great way to advertise your business from anywhere!

    Our custom logo bags can be great for group team-building sports, day-to-day briefcases and backpacks, or even a tote bag with your custom embroidered logo front-and-center.

    With the way businesses are booming, this is a great way to start a conversation with your next investor or client.

    For non-parents and parents alike, we all know that one person in the office who loves to show us pictures of their kids. Let us give you something to bring up!

    Personalized toddler and baby items not only make great gifts that last a lifetime It is also a way to make sure they are always camera-ready for grandma and grandpa (and we all know that they will be the first to tell you if you did a good job… or not).

    No matter what your custom embroidered apparel needs are, LogoUp is always there to serve you. So what are you waiting for? Place an order today at!

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