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    7 Eco-Friendly Merchandise for Company Promotions

    2022 has been eye-opening for many across the world. Be it the pandemic or anything else, people are becoming more and more self-aware about the several future issues that might be in store.

    Undoubtedly, at the top of all our worries currently is Global Warming. Greenhouse gases have been building up and it is high time we realize and act on it. Going green and using Eco-friendly goods is the least that we can do; which when done collectively, might have a huge positive impact.

    Sustainable products have hit the markets in the past years and have gained immense popularity for the part they play in reducing carbon emissions. Innovative products have been created that can replace plastic and other harmful materials and pave way for better, environmentally friendly options.

    Several companies have been consistently trying to move on to creating products that can help the earth by reducing the effects of global warming.

    What makes a product eco-friendly and how can it bring about change

    The word eco-friendly simply means something that does not harm the environment. The top material that needs to be minimized is plastic. Everything from the packaging to the products inside nowadays includes the presence of plastic.

    Scientific studies have shown that about 4% of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions are caused by plastic waste. With over 18 billion pounds of plastic waste flowing into the oceans every year and increasing evermore, even the big companies are pivoting their approach by introducing eco-friendly items in their operations.

    What started as a trend once, has now become the need of the hour. Going green shouldn't be considered as just another marketing gimmick anymore but as a necessity. Several companies have made headlines by going mainstream about owning up to their age-old mistakes and finally coming around to launching alternatives that help the environment.

    The world needs to wake up and realize its mistakes and rectify them. Big and small organizations all over the world can help in various ways.

    Eco-Friendly Merchandise

    Most companies have their own merchandise of some sort. It could be daily objects that are given away as memorabilia, collectibles, and gifts for employees or important clients. So basically, promotional merchandise is simply manufactured goods with a logo or slogan to promote a brand, corporate identity, or event for little to no cost.

    Overall, millions of dollars worth of merchandise are sometimes given away to various people by several top companies. Small brands market their products by issuing company-branded goods like bottles, diaries or pens.

    Excluding the Middle East and Africa, the promotional merchandise industry itself is worth a whopping $85.5 billion. Now imagine if this entire industry went green. A massive chunk of businesses adopting eco-friendlier alternatives for such merchandise will clearly contribute to helping curb global warming.

    Listed below are some such products that are sure to excite every who will come across them. Affordable and of high quality, these products will not only get the job done, but they will help the planet too.

    Tote Bags

    Eco Friendly Tote Bags

    The adverse effects of plastic bags have been highlighted at the beginning of the article. It is one of the main contributors to pollution. Tote bags have been one of the best alternatives to plastic bags and are better than them in all aspects.

    Not only do they help the environment, but are also fashionable and can be used multiple times if the material used is of good quality. Such an ideal product would be a great addition to merchandise in any organization.

    A very recommended choice is our Non-Woven Shopper Tote Bag. Made of 80 Gram Non-Woven, Coated Water-Resistant Polypropylene it is suitable for grocery stores, markets, book stores, or even at work and college.

    Mugs or Cups

    eco-friendly mug

    We would recommend the 12 Oz Wheat Mug which is one of the best choices of mugs available. It is made of reclaimed stalks of wheat and has a minimum presence of plastic. Available in several colors at an affordable price, this mug can be branded with the company’s logo and be used within the office or gifted to employees or other acquaintances. Meeting all FDA standards, the mug is not only eco-friendly but also a recycled product that anyone would like to have.


    eco-friendly pens

    Pens are used everywhere- colleges, offices, and any other place of operation. What is not considered, however, is the presence of plastic used in their bodies. The need for pens that are both eco-friendly and smooth to write has been around for a while now. The Wheat Writer Darth Pen and Chico Wheat Writer Pen are both available in 5 different colors at affordable rates. The body of both these pens contains 50% less polypropylene than other pens. Both pens feature a plunger action.

    Lunch Set

    eco-friendly lunch box

    The Wheat Utensil Lunch Set is perfect for organizations that consist of employees or individuals who can utilize these eco-friendly lunch sets that have been given out as promotional merchandise. It consists of a fork and knife; is microwavable and BPA free. The product also meets all the FDA requirements.

    Reusable Straws

    eco-friendly straw

    It is known about the harm that widely-used plastic straws cause to various animals on the earth. We have three innovative and environmentally safe options that anyone would want to try out. The Silicone Straw In Case features a food-grade silicone straw which is perfect for travelers as it comes with a travel case itself. It is a highly efficient choice as there is no risk of the straw getting dirty.

    The Telescopic Stainless Steel Straw and Nova Collapsible Straw are two of the most popular straw options available. Both the straws are collapsible and come with a cleaner which makes it easy to clean the inside of the straw with ease. Both the products come with a protective travel case and a variety of colors.


    eco-friendly notebook

    Nothing is better than recycled books. With reused paper, one is directly contributing to the betterment of nature. Models SKU:PH-6100 and SKU:PH-6115 of the Custom Eco-Inspired Spiral Notebooks are prime examples of some of the best merchandising options available in the market. Both the models feature a pen and are differentiated simply by the design. Both contain sturdy paper covers and the recycling symbol at the bottom corner of the pages. The SKU:PH-6101 is also a great choice and comes with a matching color strap and bookmark.


    eco-friendly water bottle

    Water bottles are essential and are used by almost everyone. Why not choose to go green with it? The Custom 16 Oz Swiggy Stainless Steel Bottle has a stainless steel outer and inner, double wall construction for the insulation of hot or cold liquids. It is vacuum insulated with a screw-on and keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours. The Custom 20 Oz Renew Stainless Steel Bottle also has the same specifications but features a push-lip top-to-drink method.

    Another choice is the 22 Oz Darby Aluminium Bottle. With an aluminum body, the bottle consists of a screw-on and has an easy carry handle. All the bottles meet the necessary FDA requirements and are BPA-free.

    With an array of eco-friendly products to choose from, we hope you choose the best items possible. Go green!

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