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    Keep your Employees Safe During Rain with Waterproof Workwear

    For your workers, the job doesn't stop just because the weather is terrible. Whether sweltering heat or heavy rains, utility workers are always on-task to provide the best results. It is only possible because of proper waterproof workwear. Without it, moisture will add weight to their clothes, affecting their health and productivity. 

    You can't just choose any protective gear, however, because it is not just the quality of the fabric you have to watch out for. There are multiple factors you have to consider before making your final decision. Here, we're listing all the features that make waterproof workwear perfect for all seasons.

    Understanding how waterproofing works

    Before we go into the nitty-gritty of what factors you must look for, it would be better for you to know about the underlying science of it all. Don't worry. We're keeping it simple to help you make an informed decision quickly. 

    Waterproof fabric causes the water to just roll off them. What does it take to achieve this? Is it just about adding another layer of fabric or the materials that the fabric is made of? 

    Well, it is a mix of both. There are three layers involved in any waterproof workwear:

    1. The Outer layer: It is the face fabric made from sturdy fabrics such as nylon or polyester. While the fabric's materials are not waterproof, they act as a suitable surface for DWR coating (Durable Water Repellant). 
    2. The Coated layer: It is a mid-layer between the comfort mesh and the outer layer. It is generally made from Teflon or Polyurethane and consists of microscopic holes big enough only for the water vapors to pass through. The liquid, however, gets trapped outside. 
    3. The Comfort Mesh: It is the layer that touches the skin and, of course, is designed the provide comfort to the wearer. 

    What to look for when choosing the right Waterproof Workwear?

    As we mentioned, you can't just pick the first option you get from the market. There are many underlying factors to consider. Here are the qualities the workwear should have:

    1. Should indeed be waterproof: There is no point in wearing Waterproof workwear if the manufacturer neglects the "waterproof" part of the deal. Multiple layers that we discussed should be present in the attire to keep your workers dry. 
    2. Should be warm and comfortable: Protection against moisture is only 60% of the concern; the remaining is about the worker's comfort. The comfort mesh should have all the attributes needed to ensure that the worker is warm and comfortable. 
    3. Should promote High Visibility: Heavy rains cause an immense lack of visibility. The waterproof workwear that you assign to your employees must have bright and reflective colors to bypass it. It will protect them from any accidents by always keeping the wearer visible. 
    4. Should not hinder the mobility of your workers: The workwear you provide must also focus on mobility. At the end of the day, creating waterproof attire is easy, but if it does at the expense of the mobility of your workers, you should look into the lightweight options.
    5. Should be seam-sealed: Often, openings in the workwear allow the water to pass through. To prevent that, you must only choose waterproof accessories that are seam sealed. Seam Sealing is the process of rolling waterproof tape along the seams of the garment to cover any holes that might cause the water to enter. 

    The Best Waterproof Workwear by Logo up to keep your outdoor employees safe, secure, and comfortable

    Lightweight options

    Here are the lightweight options that will keep your employees protected from the rain while also keeping them mobile and comfortable

    1. Weatherproof 32 degrees Melange Rain JacketThis is workwear where style meets substance. The fabric composition is 90% polyester and 10% spandex. It has a waterproof rating of 5,000mm/3,000g. It features an adjustable hood to provide head comfort and seam-sealed zipper front pockets to maximize waterproofness. This jacket will keep any outdoor worker mobile, comfortable, and protected from arduous rains. 
    2. Port Authority Essential Rain JacketThis jacket is a must-have for year-round workers Seam-sealed with a waterproof rating of 8000mm/5000g, this breathable 2.5-layer jacket sports of high-quality DWR finish. With a 5000G/M2 fabric breathability rating, the jacket provided a high degree of comfort during every workday. 
    3. Men's Climate Seam-Sealed Lightweight Variegated Ripstop JacketThe jacket is seam-sealed with 100% polyester taffeta. Delivering high waterproofness at 2,000mm, it is a highly comfortable option. To further increase comfort, it also sports an underarm and back vent system. Further features that add functionality to this workwear include elasticized cuffs, concealed zipper pockets with reflective cuffs, and an adjustable shock cord at the hood and drop-back hem. 
    4. Port Authority Northwest SlickerCombining a modern look with high-grade waterproofing functionalities, the Northwest Slicker has a 1500mm waterproof rating. Design choices have been made to ensure that the slicker remains comfortable to wear even during heavy precipitation. A slicker customized for ladies is also available with the same qualities and provides the same level of comfort.

    High Visibility

    Logo Up emphasizes ensuring that the colors of the workwear are highly visible to the vehicles during the rainy climate. 

    1. Cornerstone – ANSI 107 Class 3 Waterproof ParkaThis seam-sealed parka locks out any moisture while featuring high visibility. Consisting of an ASNI/ISEA 107 class 3 certified 100% polyester shell, this product comes in two colors: Safety-Orange-Black and Safety-Yellow-Black. Fully zipped to match the compliance requirements, this waterproof workwear is a go-to for heavy-duty outdoor work.
    2. Cornerstone – ANSI 107 Class 3 Waterproof Insulated Bomber Jacket: The standardized bomber jacket meets all the compliance requirements to ensure the safety of the outdoor workers. Its outer layer is 100% polyester 300-denier with 4.6 ounces of DWR finish. It features an adjustable rain hood and has a waterproof rating of 5000mm.
    3. Cornerstone – ANSI 107 Class Economy Waterproof Insulated Bomber Jacket: Designed for outdoor workers concerned with heavy-duty construction or repair work, the economy class waterproof insulated waterproof jacket has a fabric waterproof rating of 5000mm. It features a seam-sealed and adjustable rain hood and is durable workwear with a reflective 2-inch tape that meets the ANSI 107 requirements. 
    4. ML-Kishigo Economy Bomber JacketThis highly visible jacket comes in two colors: lime and orange. With a seam-sealed shell with 4.72 ounces of DWR layered over, this bomber jacket is a go-to for any heavy-duty outdoor worker. 


    It is not just about the workwear but also accessories to keep on hand when the weather conditions become wetter. Here are the accessories to keep you and your things protected. 

    1. Augusta Sportswear Clear Hooded Rain JacketBuilt with 100% PVC, this sportswear hooded rain jacket is meant for everyone. It features a vented back with mesh air vents to promote breathability. It takes minimum space – allowing you to pack it aside and pull it out quickly if the weather becomes rain-like. 
    2. Waterproof DrybagWant to keep your tools dry during bad weather? Use the Waterproof dry bag. Made from 21OT Ripstop Polyester with PVC backing. This dry back has the capacity of 5 liters. You can also make other bags waterproof by using the drybag's roll-top enclosure to cover them. 

    In Summary

    When it comes to working during rains, nothing comes close to the functionality of a perfect Waterproof Workwear. By combining elegance, functionality, visibility, and waterproofness, these gears will help your workers stay productive and protected. 

    The key, however, lies in finding the correct workwear. That's what we're here for. Check out our complete collection here and keep the work going, despite how bad it gets outside. 

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