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    Clean Cut and Cared For: A Guide on Landscaping Uniforms for Employees

    Are you looking for the best way to create uniforms for the employees in your landscaping business?

    It can be hard to decide what to make for them. You want to make sure they look business professional, but that can be hard to do when making sure they're protected from the outside elements.

    The right answer lies somewhere in the middle, and it takes a bit of creativity on your part to create a uniform that will look entirely unique to your brand.

    Here are the must-have pieces of all landscaping uniforms. Consider all of these options as you weigh out what items to add.

    1. Mesh Back Hats

    Hats can serve many wonderful purposes for your landscaping business and the employees (such as yourself) wearing them.

    First, they protect your employees from the harmful ultraviolet rays that can have negative effects on your employees over long periods of exposure.

    Secondly, they offer a unified look to your entire staff, all of whom will be wearing the same hat color, style, and your logo on the front.

    However, it's important to remember that you need to supply your staff with mesh back caps. They will over more ventilation and help your employees to stay cool while out in the heat.

    Better yet, mesh back caps such as the Richardson 112 Trucker Snapback hat offers a variety of colors to blend perfectly with your brand's colors.

    No matter what other pieces of apparel you line your employees up with, the hat they're wearing will get the most notice of anything.

    2. Goggles

    Lawncare work is a lot more dangerous than many people realize. While this might not technically be part of the "uniform", you should require it of all your employees to wear them.

    While mowing and trimming, many different objects can fly up in the vicinity of your face at high velocity. If you aren't wearing proper eyewear, then it can take out your eye or severely cut your face.

    Things such as plastic objects on the ground, small rocks, and sticks are just a few of the things that will be flying up in the air.

    You might also want to recommend that your employees wear facemasks. In fact, you can get creative by creating custom bandanas they can cover their face with as they work.

    3. T-Shirts

    While polo shirts might make your brand look more professional (more on that in a bit), they aren't ideal for the day-to-day tasks your employee's job requires.

    For that reason, you want to make sure that you supply them with multiple high-quality shirts that they can use.

    Why multiple shirts? Because you don't want them talking to your clientele while drenched in sweat from the job site they were just at.

    Not to mention, giving them only one shirt will 1) require them to wash it every single night (which they probably won't do) and 2) will cause the shirt to wear out within only a few weeks.

    You might consider purchasing a shirt that's made of moisture-wicking material down the line to give them more comfort as they sweat it out from job to job.

    However, to start, you can purchase shirts with your brand's color and logo on them in bulk to save money and have shirts to give other employees as you grow.

    Who knows? You might even find a customer or two that want to buy one of your shirts to promote your brand as well. They also make amazing giveaway items for business referral contests!

    4. Gloves

    Always, always, always make sure to stress that gloves are a non-negotiable item in your company's uniform.

    The same objects in the ground that you risk cutting your face with have an even higher tendency to cut, bruise, and blister your hands and knuckles.

    Even worse, if a piece of metal were to somehow get run over by one of your lawnmowers, you might have an employee filing a claim on your workers' comp plan.

    Not to mention, that gloves can provide more grip on the tools that your employees are using to prevent injury.

    Lastly, gloves complete the landscaping business look. They make your entire staff look like professional landscapers, rather than the kid down the street who will cut grass for $20.

    Also, depending on what gardening services you may or may not offer, the gloves can help reduce how dirty your employee's hands get each day.

    5. Polo Shirts

    Even if you pride yourself on being a business owner that gets as dirty as his employees on a daily basis, you and your entire staff will need polos at some point.

    Polo shirts are perfect for those face-to-face business meetings that you have with commercial clients or for setting up a sales table at a local convention.

    There's no denying that a polo shirt makes you and your brand look much more professional than a normal t-shirt. It helps everyone to clean up nicely and look the part when meeting clients in-person.

    T-shirts are perfect for the day-to-day responsibilities of landscape service. Polos are perfect for adding new clientele to your growing book of business.

    Invest in Your Company's Landscaping Uniforms Today!

    Now that you know everything that you need for your landscaping uniforms, it's time to equip you and your entire staff with them.

    Be sure to read through this article on finding the perfect polo shirt in order to find the right shirt to go with your new custom Richardson trucker hats.

    For more inquiries, please reach out via our contact us page and we'll be happy to assist you further!

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