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    Best Carhartt Jackets for Men

    With the solstice behind us and the holidays long past, winter is no longer coming — it's here. Colder weather will settle in for much of the country. Temperatures will remain low for the next few months, with few intermissions and little relief. In short, you will need a good jacket. That is unless you plan to stay at home with the comforts of a heater or fireplace the entire time.

    If you are looking for something that looks good while protecting you from the chill, then you cannot go wrong with something from Carhartt, Inc. This clothing company, headquartered in Michigan and founded in 1889, has been supplying high-quality apparel for well over a dozen decades. Their repertoire includes a sizable selection of excellent vests, hoodies, and jackets. To help you find the best Carhartt jackets for men, here is a buyer’s guide.

    Carhartt J131 Thermal Lined Active Jacket

    Carhartt J131 Thermal Lined Active Jacket

    When people think of warm clothing, they usually think of material first. They look for specific types of fabric: wool, fleece, flannel, cotton, and so on. They compare and contrast based on texture or purity or other criteria — in addition to how good they look while wearing the item, of course. However, there are other potential factors to consider, and good materials alone might not always be enough. Manufacturers like Carhartt optimize their clothing’s potential by weaving in other practices.

    Here is the point: if warmth is your number one priority when shopping for winter clothes, then why not get one with thermal lining? The Carhartt J131 Thermal Lined Active Jacket, true to its name, comes with 100% polyester thermal lining. This type of fabric is only a hair thicker than the norm, but it provides excellent insulation to the body, waist, and wrists beyond the abilities of regular polyester coats. The J131 — also made from 100% ring-spun cotton duck — even comes with a thermal-lined hoodie.

    Carhartt Crowley Jacket

    Carhartt Crowley

    Anyone who has never experienced a snow day may believe that falling ice flakes must be among the coldest weather conditions one can feel. Those who have would attest that raindrops in cold weather feel worse. At that barely-above-freezing temperature, each drop stings the skin. Worse still is if your clothing absorbs the water, leaving you shivering even under cover. Winter jackets should be able to protect you from all kinds of precipitation, not just the one most commonly associated with the cold.

    That is where the Carhartt Crowley Jacket can really come in handy. This jacket is made with Rain Defender, the company’s water-repellent technology. Also incorporated into the design is Wing Fighter, which keeps your bones from feeling a different kind of chill — the wind chill factor. In addition to all this, the Crowley Jacket is still a fully wearable jacket, made with 90% nylon and 10% Spandex for your comfort. You can zip up the multiple pockets on the sides and chest just as easily as you can zip up the garment itself.

    Carhartt Full Swing Armstrong Jacket

    Carhartt Full Swing Armstrong Jacket

    A mother wraps her child in several layers of clothes, only for him to complain that he cannot put his arms down. This humorous scene from A Christmas Story may be an exaggeration, but it captures how people can feel with a real-life phenomenon. Winter wear can be restrictive, especially with the more one piles on themself. It should feel liberating, so you can do any physical work without hassle and enjoy the day in comfort.

    The Carhartt Full Swing Armstrong Jacket addresses this issue in a variety of ways. The fleece-lined duck is already broken-in when you buy it, meaning its durability and range of motion are both significantly enhanced. The design features stretch panels on the shoulders, for greater versatility; the arms, which can move independently of the rest; and elbows, so you can put down your arms. This 100% ring-spun washed cotton duck jacket features all that extra stuff, yet still looks relatively slim.

    Carhartt J001 Blanket Lined Detroit Jacket

    Carhartt J001 Blanket Lined Detroit Jacket

    When you are out of the house on a winter’s day, you might spend much of the day wishing you could be at home. Even if you wear something comfortable and capable of keeping you warm, you might still daydream about burrowing under a blanket. Still, work needs to be done, errands must be attended to, and family and friends must be visited for assorted holidays. That blanket can feel quite far away.

    Those desires can be abated, at least a little, with the Carhartt J001 Blanket Lined Detroit Jacket. This article is not just made with 100% ring-spun cotton duck, which already feels quite soothing to wear. It also comes with a special blanket lining on the body, allowing you to bring that level of comfort anywhere you go. The sleeves contain quilted-nylon lining, which may not be the same but still keeps your arms feeling nice in the cold. You can even attach an optional hood on the corduroy top collar’s snaps. The multiple pockets and snap-adjustable parts make this a must-have.

    Your Own Custom Carhartt Jackets

    Though some fashion obsessives may disagree, it may just be that a person can look good in just about any kind of clothing. They just have to make it their own. Normally, this means weaving the clothing into their identity and wearing it with confidence — a formula that has produced pariahs, true, but also trendsetters. Here at LogoUp, however, this phrase means something more literal.

    We offer a few dozen different Carhartt products, as well as the clothing of all kinds in many other brands. You can customize any of these items with your own logo or design. Once you put in the request, we can embroider the artwork onto the product and deliver it to you — all at no extra cost and with no minimum order. This practice is a great way to advertise your own brand and offer high-quality merchandise on your own store. Submit your first order on LogoUp today and discover for yourself how much customers might appreciate your custom Carhartt jackets.

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