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Embroidered Shirts

It started with an idea to revolutionize embroidered shirts.

In 2009 brothers, Brian and Scott Roberts, had a tough decision to make. They could re-build the family's embroidered shirts business after the loss of their father, in the midst of economic uncertainty, or find another career path.

Unbeknownst to the brothers, an informal lunch at their favorite delicatessen would present the answer. Unsure of what to order, Brian asked the waiter if the pastrami special was any good. The waiter (who was ironically wearing an embroidered shirt) smiled and simply pointed to a picture on the wall. Above their booth hung a Godfather movie poster, which touted the deli's incredible best-selling pastrami sandwich. It read, "I'm gonna make them a pastrami sandwich they can't refuse." That's it! Scott pronounced, "We'll take two pastrami sandwiches and some more napkins!" Scott began scribbling on the napkins. "Let's not abandon what our father built and what we're great at, but rather re-work it to make embroidered shirts new, fun and exciting. Let's give the world custom embroidered shirts like they've never had before!"

It was at that moment was born; revolutionizing embroidered shirts one polo shirt at a time.

Over the next year the brothers were busy. Brian handled the merchandising; sourcing vendors to supply the embroidered shirts and other apparel for the site. Scott handled the creative; incorporating a super hero theme, giving the embroidered shirts and other logo products unique personality.

Finally, on April 13, 2010 the Brian and Scott's embroidered shirts website was online. The brothers set themselves apart by keeping overhead low, doing as much of embroidered shirt production themselves, and not hiring any outside staff. The first few months were undeniably difficult. However, the brothers were patient and continued to refine the website using customer feedback.

Today, operates out of a state of the art 50,000 sq. ft. facility in sunny Pompano Beach, Florida. Over 90 dedicated team members support the approximately 20,000 (and growing) incredible businesses and organizations that use LogoUp's embroidered shirts and other custom logo apparel.

The brothers believe that their unrelenting obsession with quality (in an industry where cutting corners is commonplace) has helped them make their mark in the embroidered shirts business. The simple yet often overlooked attention to detail that the brothers demand may seem extreme to competitors yet is really the secret ingredient (or secret superpower) that the brothers have employed in the sale of awesomely incredible embroidered shirts.

Only professionally trained graphic designers (official job title: logo superheroes) setup logos using the latest custom designed embroidered shirt software art programs. Even, embroidery technicians who produce the company's embroidered shirts must have at least 5 years of experience and pass quarterly re-certification exams. By the way, the thread use in the sewing of LogoUp's embroidered shirts is imported German rayon thread.

Brian and Scott are proud of their perseverance (and incredible staff) and continue to build upon their dream "one awesome embroidered shirt at a time."